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Genuine Coffee Habitat


Al-Khaldi is a well-known Arabic tribe, the inhabitant of Southern Arabian Peninsula, today known as Yemen.  The tribe ancestor, Khaldi, a goat herder, is the discover of coffee.  As the legend goes he watched few of his goats becoming cheerful and excited after enjoying a red cherry plant.  Entertaining himself in the coffee cherry he became stimulant and joyful.  There is none accurate date for this period.  But a close estimation would be late in the 10th century.

…From then on the journey of coffee:

It started despite the contradiction about its birth place.  After all, the Peninsula of Arabia was part of the African continent back in Ancient history. Some used it as medicine and some used it as food.  Arabs & Muslims Travelers boiled it and grind it with meat fat as an energy food used in their cumbersome long journeys.  Some drank the remaining coffee boiled water during the process of preparing the energy food to stimulate the body.

After the 11th century & through the flourishing of the Islamic Era Merchants used to import the coffee from Mocha Port to various part of the Islamic Nation, which covered a large spectrum worldwide.  It spread as far as Indonesia in Asia, as far as Mauritania in Africa, and as far as Venice in Europe.